Roberto Bolaño’s music

April 28th, 2013 1 Comment

From Violeta Parra to Lou Reed, from Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix and from Georges Moustaki to AC/DC. Roberto Bolaño’s musical references cover a large variety of singers and groups, according to the list of authors (musicians, but also writers, filmmakers and other artists) that he included in his notebooks, handwritten in Barcelona (1977-1980) and Girona (1980-1984). The transcription of these notebooks by the writer’s heirs has allowed us to draw up a music list that today, 28th April, will provide the soundtrack for Bolaño Day (#DiaBolaño), the day on which Bolaño would have reached his 60th birthday.

28 April, #DiaBolaño – Marking the 60th anniversary of Bolaño’s birth

April 16th, 2013 5 Comments

On Sunday 28 April writer Roberto Bolaño’s would have reached the age of 60. We want to honour his birthday with all of you, enthusiasts and avid readers of Bolaño’s work.

On Bolaño Day (#DiaBolaño), we invite you to visit the exhibition “Bolaño Archive. 1997-2003” (entry will be free of charge from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.). We are also preparing a collective reading of Bolaño’s work, featuring participation by writers, poets and people who were close to the author in his lifetime, as well as all those of you “Bolañistas” who are inspired to pay your own particular tribute.

How can you take part?

  • By choosing the poem or fragment of a story or novel by Bolaño that you like best and reading it at the space that we will be setting up for readings.
  •  By dedicating a reading of a text of your own to Roberto Bolaño, in other words, by reading one of your own literary creations.

You are welcome to come and offer your reading at the CCCB hall on 28 April from 4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. The CCCB will be making copies of Bolaño’s main works available. We recommend that readings do not exceed a maximum duration of 5 minutes per person.

If you are not in Barcelona or are unable to attend the event personally, you can also take part in our literary tribute via the social networks. On both the CCCB’s Twitter (with hashtag #DiaBolaño)) and Facebook accounts, you can discuss everything about the Chilean author’s work that captivates you and publish the fragments that impress you most, the enigmas that have made you think, quotes, articles, interviews, interesting references, etc. The aim is that we all come together to celebrate the literature and share the creative universe of an author who on Sunday 28 April would have reached his 60th year.

(Català) L’enigmàtic món d’Akron

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(Català) Zygmunt Bauman: «Cal inventar noves formes d’educar, més enllà de les institucions establertes»

March 19th, 2013 2 Comments

Guide to following Kosmopolis live on Internet

March 11th, 2013 1 Comment

Because Kosmopolis is amplified literature and because we want the festival to reach you wherever you are, we’re streaming some of the talks and activities. We’ve also programmed online coverage of the festival on Twitter so you at home can follow us and take an active part in the conversation # Kosmopolis.

And, if you can’t follow Kosmopolis live, after the festival we’ll be publishing videos of the principal talks and interviews with participants on the festival’s website. A team of K chroniclers will be covering the activities theme by theme to convey the atmosphere and give us summaries of the highlights.

Live programming on the Kosmopolis web

You can follow Kosmopolis live here or amplify Kosmopolis embedding the streaming code in your blog or web.


7 p.m. – Opening of Kosmopolis with Jaume Cabré

8.30 p.m. – Bolaño on stage: dramatized reading and debate with Àlex Rigola, Pablo Ley


6 p.m. – Martian time slip: talk with Fernando Abilleira, Jacinto Antón, Lara Saiz

7 p.m – Roberto Bolaño: gestation of a myth – debate with Jaume Vallcorba, Jorge Herrralde, Pere Gimferrer, A.G. Porta and Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas

8 p.m. – Pages written on Jacob’s ladder: poetry reading in tribute to Roberto Bolaño with Olvido García Valdés, Chefa Alonso

8.30 p.m. – Talk by Dave McKean: the blue tree

#KOSMOPOLIS on Twitter

Once again, at @KosmopolisCCCB we explain the festival’s functioning, give information about times, and publicise the highlights and the public’s comments.

To follow us and take part in the Kosmopolis conversation with comments and questions for speakers, use these hashtags:

#K13 and #Kosmopolis – General information about all the activities at the festival

#BCK13 – Tweets about Kosmopolis BookCamp

#LiterDig – Tweets about the meeting of digital magazines being organized by Revista de Letras

The @cececebe and @CCCBlab accounts will provide further practical information about the festival.

Kosmopolis Web: news, videos and chronicles of the festival

We’ll be updating the festival website daily with the latest photos and news. This year, bloggers and experts in the various themes will be collaborating with Kosmopolis to cover activities. And, when Kosmopolis ends, we’ll give you the festival chronicles, with videos of interviews and talks.

The K13 chroniclers are:

Albert Forns, journalist and writer, covers Kosmopolis BookCamp.

Marta Palomo and Jesús Méndez, a biologist and a Medicine graduate, and authors on the popular science blog DixitCiencia, will be following all activities related to science and literature.

Breixo Harguindey, collection director at Rinoceronte Editora and comic expert, will be following the trail of Dave McKean and Paul Gravett.

The CCCB’s team will be following the rest of activities: Lucía Calvo chronicles the activities in tribute to Roberto Bolaño, and Alba Conesa, Clara Bofill, Maria Farràs and Eva Rexach will be managing the CCCB’s various Twitter accounts during the festival.