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The return of Kosmopolis, the Amplified Literature Festival

December 17th, 2014 No Comments

As 2014 draws to a close, the team of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània is hard at work preparing the programme for next year’s Kosmopolis Amplified Literature Festival, from 18 to 22 March 2015. The festival, which on its eighth outing is extended from three to five days, will once again be converting the spaces of the CCCB into a place where readers meet writers of books and scripts, musicians, playwrights and journalists from around the world.

As always, Kosmopolis promotes literature in all its forms—oral, written, on paper, electronic devices and the stage, with music and on the big screen—and combines talks, readings and lectures with screenings, concerts and live arts.

The full programme of the festival will be announced at the beginning of February 2015. Until then, here’s a preview of some of our outstanding guests and themes.

Among the first international writers to confirm their participation are David Grossman, a big name in literature today with yearly Nobel mentions; Rachel Kushner, the latest revelation in US literature and finalist in the National Book Award 2013; Taiye Selasi, creator of the concept of Afropolitansim and one of the authors in Granta’s collection of the best US short stories of 2013, and William T. Vollmann, an unclassifiable writer considered by David Foster Wallace to be one of the most singular voices of his generation.

Kosmopolis focuses on high-profile aspects of world and literary current affairs, and is organized into themes and sections that form a leading thread through the festival’s large programme of activities.

Solf-portrait of William T. Vollmann

In this coming edition, we’ll be looking at new journalistic narratives and the evolution of investigative journalism, which has taken on special significance in recent years in a context shaken by global crises and the potential of Internet technology for data access and news sharing.

There’ll be a central space about the influence of the writer W. G. Sebald in today’s literature, with dialogues, workshops and screenings associated with The Sebald Variations, the CCCB’s exhibition about this German author who died in 2001. Curated by Jordi Carrión and Pablo Helguera, the exhibit will also have an online space for reflection—the Sebaldian bloghosted by the Kosmopolis webpage.

We’ll be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland. First printed in London in 1865, this book continues to fascinate children and adults, artists, philosophers and quantum physicists, and has had a huge influence on literature, cinema and the plastic arts.

There are new features in the festival’s special sections, too: Kosmopolis Bookcamp, devoted to the world of books and publishing, from Thursday to Saturday, will be exploring the limits and possibilities of the book from different viewpoints. What opportunities does the digital surround offer for expanding stories? Why is there a resistance to exchanging print for e-books? How are major publishing mergers and international sales platforms combining with the boom in new publishers and local bookstores? And Canal Alfa, the audiovisual programme inspired by literature, is back, stronger than ever, with two outstanding new features: the daily premiere of an evening feature film showing and a whole Sunday devoted to TV series of great literary quality!

All this and much more at Kosmopolis 2015!

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Guide to following Kosmopolis live on Internet

March 11th, 2013 1 Comment

Because Kosmopolis is amplified literature and because we want the festival to reach you wherever you are, we’re streaming some of the talks and activities. We’ve also programmed online coverage of the festival on Twitter so you at home can follow us and take an active part in the conversation # Kosmopolis.

And, if you can’t follow Kosmopolis live, after the festival we’ll be publishing videos of the principal talks and interviews with participants on the festival’s website. A team of K chroniclers will be covering the activities theme by theme to convey the atmosphere and give us summaries of the highlights.

Live programming on the Kosmopolis web

You can follow Kosmopolis live here or amplify Kosmopolis embedding the streaming code in your blog or web.


7 p.m. – Opening of Kosmopolis with Jaume Cabré

8.30 p.m. – Bolaño on stage: dramatized reading and debate with Àlex Rigola, Pablo Ley


6 p.m. – Martian time slip: talk with Fernando Abilleira, Jacinto Antón, Lara Saiz

7 p.m – Roberto Bolaño: gestation of a myth – debate with Jaume Vallcorba, Jorge Herrralde, Pere Gimferrer, A.G. Porta and Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas

8 p.m. – Pages written on Jacob’s ladder: poetry reading in tribute to Roberto Bolaño with Olvido García Valdés, Chefa Alonso

8.30 p.m. – Talk by Dave McKean: the blue tree

#KOSMOPOLIS on Twitter

Once again, at @KosmopolisCCCB we explain the festival’s functioning, give information about times, and publicise the highlights and the public’s comments.

To follow us and take part in the Kosmopolis conversation with comments and questions for speakers, use these hashtags:

#K13 and #Kosmopolis – General information about all the activities at the festival

#BCK13 – Tweets about Kosmopolis BookCamp

#LiterDig – Tweets about the meeting of digital magazines being organized by Revista de Letras

The @cececebe and @CCCBlab accounts will provide further practical information about the festival.

Kosmopolis Web: news, videos and chronicles of the festival

We’ll be updating the festival website daily with the latest photos and news. This year, bloggers and experts in the various themes will be collaborating with Kosmopolis to cover activities. And, when Kosmopolis ends, we’ll give you the festival chronicles, with videos of interviews and talks.

The K13 chroniclers are:

Albert Forns, journalist and writer, covers Kosmopolis BookCamp.

Marta Palomo and Jesús Méndez, a biologist and a Medicine graduate, and authors on the popular science blog DixitCiencia, will be following all activities related to science and literature.

Breixo Harguindey, collection director at Rinoceronte Editora and comic expert, will be following the trail of Dave McKean and Paul Gravett.

The CCCB’s team will be following the rest of activities: Lucía Calvo chronicles the activities in tribute to Roberto Bolaño, and Alba Conesa, Clara Bofill, Maria Farràs and Eva Rexach will be managing the CCCB’s various Twitter accounts during the festival.

Kosmopolis 2013: Less Than One Month To Go

February 18th, 2013 1 Comment

There is less than one month to go before the start of the seventh edition of Kosmopolis. The Amplified Literature Fest and we now have everything ready to make the CCCB the meeting place for lovers of literature during 14, 15 and 16 March.

As always, the festival programme presents many new features. For this reason we have designed a series of itineraries which will be very useful for you when arranging your visit to the festival, as they structure the activities of the different sections (workshops, lectures, films, musical performances, etc.) according to this edition’s themes: third culture, graphic novels in the United Kingdom, the tribute to Roberto Bolaño, humour and the futures of reading.

Kosmopolis will be inaugurated with Jaume Cabré and will close with David Carabén: the first a writer who will talk about the literary process and the second a musician who will offer an exclusive recital with songs specifically designed for the occasion. The end of the Barcelona slam competition will serve as a counterpoint between oral poetry and music. Three examples of live literature for the evenings that are added to the following itineraries:

  • First itinerary: If you want to know more about the interaction between sciences and literature, you need to follow the Third Culture itinerary: you can travel to Mars, discover the secrets of the Higgs boson, take a look beyond reality through experiments in quantum physics, learn the language of the genome and younger visitors will be able to create songs based on photonics. And you will also be able to attend a battle between science-fiction series.

  • Second itinerary: For fans of comics, we have prepared a series of activities based on the graphic novel in the United Kingdom: two workshops led by two young illustrators and two lectures, the first to be given by Dave McKean, one of the cult authors of comics today, and the second by Paul Gravett, one of the gurus in this area. Now is a good time to make sure you have tickets.
  • Third itinerary: Roberto Bolaño will be one of the stars not only of Kosmopolis, but also of the CCCB for the whole of 2013. In the year that the tenth anniversary of his death is being commemorated, the centre has prepared an exhibition,  Bolaño Archive. 1977-2003, which will be inaugurated on 5 March. During the festival, four events will pay tribute to Bolaño: a debate with writers, friends and publishers; a poetic performance given by Olvido García Valdés, a talk about the adaptation for theatre of 2666 and two firsts: the premiere in Spain of the film El futuro, based on Una novelita lumpen (presented recently at Sundance and with Rutger Hauer as protagonist) and a poetic reading of El policía de las ratas, a text dramatized by Alex Rigola, and performed by Joan Carreras and Andreu Benito, two actors who are regulars at the Teatre Lliure.
  • Fourth itinerary: Humour and Other Medicines is a title that covers two activities: Café Europa and the chat between Juan José Millás and Andreu Buenafuente, called Sustainable Humour. Furthermore, on Alpha Channel there will be a series of films with a humorous theme, as well as films related with comics, third culture and live literature. Don’t forget to check out the programme: there are up to 13 premieres of documentaries and short films.
  • Fifth itinerary: Kosmopolis always offers in its programme a series of activities aimed at professionals from the world of libraries: readings with writers, reading clubs and talks about literature. These are events that we have grouped under the title The Futures of Reading. And we will also have two important parallel activities open to the general public: the return of the BookCamp (with workshops and information sessions on reading and writing, which this year will include a meeting of digital magazines organised by Revista de Letras) and a new itinerary: Reading Barcelona, developed by CCCB Education and Libraries of Barcelona, which will take place at different places outside the CCCB

New Pricing System

There are two reasons for our having designed these itineraries: firstly, in order to better structure all the activities of Kosmopolis (there are over 30, if we include the BookCamp sessions and workshops); and secondly, the new entry tickets system that we are setting up this year. On this occasion there will not be a single entry ticket to the festival; rather, each of the activities will be paid for separately. The events will be divided into two price levels: €3 for talks, lectures and debates, and €7 for the recital by David Carabén. As an exception, Bookworm Barcelona and the exhibition dedicated to Bolaño will have a price of €6. Meanwhile the BookCamp, Alpha Channel, activities for professionals and comic workshops will be free of charge (although in the last case, it will be necessary to sign up in advance by sending an email to [email protected]).

If you follow the itineraries and acquire three or more tickets, you will enjoy a discount, and you will also enjoy a discount if you are a libraries card user. For the unemployed, children aged under 16, Friends of the CCCB and holders of teaching permits and the pink card for senior citizens, entry will be free of charge.

Follow all the latest news on Kosmopolis via its website and on the social networks:


(Català) Torna el BookCamp Kosmopolis

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