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(Català) Xavier Antich: «De la vida pública, tots en som responsables»

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(Català) Els sons del CCCB, disponibles a Catradio.cat

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@CCCBmusica: The CCCB’s new voice on Twitter

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Coinciding with the inauguration of the programme of concerts and musical activities for 2013 this coming Saturday, 16 February, with the Emergència! Festival, the CCCB is opening the Twitter account @CCCBmusica.

@CCCBmusica will report regularly on all the latest news related with the CCCB’s musical programme, with the aim of becoming a source for the dissemination of concerts, groups and festivals linked to the Centre. Managed by the CCCB’s cultural activities department team, with the collaboration of other cultural managers as Ingrid Guardiola, the new profile will pay special attention to the activities programmed for 2013: the Emergència! festival, the BCNmp7 concert season and festivals such as Hipnotik.

The profile @CCCBmusica will join other thematic profiles that the CCCB uses on Twitter to offer specialised contents and interact with specific online communities. The other existing profiles are @CCCBLab (on research and innovation in culture) @CCCBEducació (on the CCCB’s educational project), @Kosmopolis_CCCB (on literature), @PublicSpaceCCCB (on urban planning and public space) and @CCCBpremsa (aimed at journalists). All these accounts are managed by members of the CCCB team linked to the Centre’s activity.

(Català) Ramón Andrés: “La música crea una manera de sentir col·lectiva”

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(Català) Peter Burke: «Ara estem més a prop que mai de l’ideal de coneixement comú»

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