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Nilüfer Göle on globalization

May 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Coinciding with the arrival in Barcelona of intellectuals to take part in the talks on “Democratic Imaginary and Globalization”, from 26 to 28 May at the CCCB, we wanted to put forward the testimony of some of the speakers who’ll be taking part in this 23rd meeting of the Academia de la Latinidad, which will be reflecting on the future of democracy and political representation in the present-day context of globalization.

One of the international experts visiting the CCCB this week is sociologist Nilüfer Göle, Director of Studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Göle came to the Centre in the framework of the exhibition “West seen by East” in 2005, which is when we recorded this interview, in which Göle reflects on the inexorable process of globalization and the relations and conflicts between East and West that it generates. In the video, the sociologist comments that any idea of progress must necessarily be linked to the “freedom to choose”.

Nilüfer Göle will be at the CCCB on Thursday 26 May, taking part in the debate “Democracy and Awakening Identities in the Mediterranean” and talking about the challenges presented by Turkey and the democratic rebirth taking place in the area following this spring’s revolutions.