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The CCCB joins the mobile photography artistic project #Ubiquography

May 14th, 2012 2 Comments

From 24 May to 8 June, the CCCB will be hosting the exhibition Ubiquography, a participative exhibition which will display photographs taken by people around the world with their mobile phones and which will be screened at the same time at cultural centres and organisations in different countries: one person, one place, the world over.

#Ubiquography. Capture, edit, publish and exhibit

Ubiquography is a Barcelona Photobloggers project, co-produced by the Centre Cívic Guinardó, which aims to reflect on a new field of photographic exploration and creation today known as iPhoneography, the use of a mobile phone camera to take photographs.

Through a collective exhibition, Ubiquography bases its motto on ubiquity and immediacy, the main characteristics of this new artistic tendency.

Without the technique required by traditional photography, the new mobile phones and their applications and filters, offer users total creative freedom to capture moments, chance happenings and instants with their mobile camera.

Ubiquography is also an online participative project. Through the mobile photography application and social network Instagram, participants in the project will capture, edit and publish photographs from their mobile phone and these will instantly be shown in the exhibition which will be able to be seen at different points around the world, simultaneously and at the same time that the author publishes the photo.

Right now, Ubiquography features 498 authors and 26,149 photographs which you can view on its website.

An exhibition in real time: ubiquity and immediacy

The photographs published at Ubiquography will be displayed via two platforms: the website and the exhibition in the “real world”.

The physical exhibition can be visited from 24 May to 8 June, simultaneously at different organisations and cultural centres around the world, including the CCCB. To date, some 22 organisations have confirmed their participation, and they will use different kinds of projection methods depending on the centre where the exhibition is held.

The LIVE projection will show the last photograph published, until another authors publishes another new photograph and it takes the place of its predecessor. This process will be generated in real time and automatically.

In the HISTORY projection, all the images published in Ubiquography will be shown in rotation in the order in which they were published.

How do I participate?

To be able to publish your photos at Ubiquography, you need to have an Instagram account and register on the Ubiquography website, where you will find the requirements and participation application form.

Once your photograph has been published on Instagram, you need to label it with the hashtag #ubiquography so that it will automatically be imported to the exhibition platforms (website and physical exhibition).

From photoblog to exhibition

July 4th, 2011 1 Comment

With over 2000 photos and the participation of more than 200 photographers, the “Brangulí was here. What about you?” project already represents a broad-based selection of the way contemporary photographers see present-day Barcelona. The initiative came into being as a result of the retrospective exhibition organized by the CCCB about the photographer Josep Brangulí. He documented key historical, political and social changes at the start of the 20th century, such as Tragic Week, labourers’ working conditions and the urbanistic transformation of the city. The mosaic of photographs coming together at shows a Barcelona that, despite the intervening 80 years, reminds us of the Barcelona of Brangulí. The protests of the “indignats”, life in neighbourhoods such as El Raval and the city’s new monumental architecture are themes that Brangulí might have captured with his camera.

On Thursday 30 June, the CCCB and the Barcelona Photobloggers community which is collaborating on the project organized a free guided visit to the exhibition “Brangulí. Barcelona 1909-1945” to explain the work of the photographer from L’Hospitalet. The group of 50 who attended included members of Barcelona Photobloggers, people from the Espai Fotogràfic collective and many amateur photographers who post and share their images on the social networks.

The exhibition coordinator, Susana García, introduced the figure of Brangulí and his way of working: big thematic series. As Susana García explained, Brangulí took photographs by commission, with no artistic aspirations, but his particular way of seeing the events of the time makes his body of work special and unique.

If you were unable to attend and would like to hear Susana García’s presentation, you can listen to it here: ÀUDIO: Introducció a \”Brangulí. Barcelona 1909-1945\” per Susana García (Àudio: Barcelona Photobloggers)

The visit on 30 June at the CCCB was a great initiative because it allowed lots of the people who are making possible on the Net to discover the work on show at the CCCB. From photoblog to exhibition or from virtual to presential, this could be a new way of connecting with publics and making them part of an expository project.

Images of the guided visit with Barcelona Photobloggers. Photos: Fon Simó and Marcelo Aurelio

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