The CCCB and Xcèntric Archives, open for the holidays

July 23rd, 2013 2 Comments

CCCB © Adrià Goula, 2008

Besides the playlist of the best CCCB activities available online, another more complete form of seeing the CCCB’s programme is by visiting the CCCB Archive (located in front of the C3Bar or at the exit of the exhibitions and open every day except Monday, from 11 a.m.). In addition to offering some very comfy poufs where you can nod off or enjoy its free Wi-Fi, it offers computers where you can view videos of the debates and more multimedia documents that are not available online. The space is also a good library with books on subjects dealt with during the year by the CCCB.

CCCB © José Antonio Soria, 2012

Fans of experimental and art-house films also have a made-to-measure cinephile’s corner: the Xcèntric Archive (located on Floor 1 of the CCCB, before taking the escalators to go up to the exhibitions). The Xcèntric Archive has accumulated over 700 works by independent artists and experimental filmmakers. If what you want is a small taster or to discover the Archive’s hidden treasures, the audiovisuals team produces the Xcèntric menus, short-duration selections of the best pieces. You will find the Xcèntric menu sheets at the Archive itself.

  1. ¡Muy buena noticia! Los dos archivos son un auténtico tesoro.

  2. guillaumedm says:

    Visited last week, paradise on earth!

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