Copenhaguen: are there reasons for optimism?

December 13th, 2009 Comments Closed

Experts in environmental issues give their opinion on the upcoming climate conference.

Dec 7th through 18th the United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Copenhaguen, a new attempt by developed countries to reach an agreement on the ways and means to curve down the current ecological crisis. For the first time, the USA will be attending this conference, along with representatives from 192 countries.

The last edition of NOW. Meetings in the Present Continuous welcomed relevant specialists on environmental issues, activists and politicians that have long been warning governments on the devastating consequences of poorly planned energy policies. We have asked them what are their perspectives for the upcoming conference and if there are still reasons for optimism.

THOM HARTMANN, writer and political comentator.

“There are very powerful corporate forces that can control the fuel resources and can also control the governments of the advanced democracies”

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JEREMY LEGGETT, social enterpreneur and activist.

“It is an incredible thing that after 20 years of negotiating on a clear and present danger, they won’t be able to bring themselves to reach an agreement”

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HERMANN SCHEER, President of Eurosolar and member of the Bundestag.

“There are too many expectations on climate conferences and such expectations can only become frustrated”

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