Sol Polo

Sol Polo és col.laboradora del departament d'audiovisuals i coordinadora del tour internacional del cicle de cine "Del Éxtasis al Arrebato: 50 años del otro cine español". Acaba d'obrir el seu solàium a


December 1st, 2010 1 Comment

Xcentric is presented in Philadelphia

Xcentric loves to travel and to have its programs travel. We often travel through the images, and usually, the least busy routes we take are the most evocative ones. We are not tourists, we are adventurers, and the paths we walk are difficult, but what we get to see is fascinating, and we want it to Xpandit.

Melbourne, New York, Washington, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Medellin and Cali are all cities that have so far been taken away by the Xcentric storm. Since October 2009, our most international of travelling programs, From Ecstasy to Rapture: 50 years of the other Spanish cinema, traverses the globe leaving traces of its silent course.

The next stop on the tour couldn’t be more exciting; the film department of the International House of Philadelphia will have members of the Hispanic Studies Section of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania introduce each session of the tour, that will be screened until December 4th. The film curator of this initiative, Robert Cargni, got to watch the program during its presentation at the legendary Anthology Film Archives in New York, and decided he had to bring the ecstasy to Philly.

Canada will be next, from east to west, with the first show at the TIFF Cinémathèque, home of the Toronto Film Festival and the next at the Pacific Cinémathèque in Vancouver, during the months of January and February. From March onwards, the series returns to Europe and will be screened in centers such as the National Gallery of the Jeu de Paume in Paris, the Tate Modern in London, the WRO Art Center in Wroclaw (Poland), the Daile Nacionaline Galerija of Vilnius (Lithuania), and the Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Pending confirmation of additional dates and centers, the tour is scheduled to finish in our country, visiting various venues such as the Film Archive of Murcia, the Galician Center for the Arts of A Coruña, and the Center Huarte of Contemporary Art in Navarra.

Xcentric is meant to bring the world “from ecstasy to rapture”, don’t let it pass you by.