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Global Screen exhibition nominated for the “Best of the Web” awards

March 28th, 2012 No Comments

The CCCB’s Global Screen project  is competing in the exhibition category of the Best of the Web awards , a prize awarded each year by the Museums and the Web congress , an event of international reference in the culture and new technologies sector.

Global screen's virtual platform, a window to public participation who can take part of the exhibition sending their own videos

The Best of the Web Awards are aimed at the websites, multimedia projects, mobile applications, interactive contents etc., of cultural institutions that stand out for their creativity, innovation or adaptation to new audiences. An international jury  evaluates these and other criteria and selects the best projects of the year in different categories.

The winners of the Best of the Web Awards will be announced during the Museums and the Web congress which this year will take place between 11 and 14 April in San Diego (California). Apart from the jury’s decision, members registered on the congress’s web platform can also vote for their favourite projects between 25 March and 7 April.

Over 85 candidates have been presented for the Best of the Web 2012 including cultural organisations from all around the world. Global Screen is participating in the exhibition category with 12 other projects. The Global Screen candidature is distinguished by the fact that it is an innovative exhibition project, structured through a web platform from which the real-life exhibition is gestated. Global Screen is also an experiment in co-creation with the public that has managed to exhibit over 200 audiovisual pieces contributed by users at a real-life exhibition. The exhibition also has a virtual version in 3D format  and a mobile application .

Global Screen’s virtual exhibition

User’s audiovisual works form part of the physical exhibition


In the year 2010, the CCCB was distinguished at the Best of the Web Awards in the exhibition category with its online project “The City of Horrors”, which received an honourable mention from the jury.

Screens have arrived and they are here to stay

January 19th, 2012 1 Comment

On 24 January we will be inaugurating the physical exhibition phase of Global Screen. Up to now, the exhibition has only existed on the Internet, at, where hundreds of creators motivated by the impact of screens on the world have been sending us their work. On the inauguration day, over 160 videos contributed by users will be integrated into the exhibition space, as a counterpoint to the version/vision of the curators, Gilles Lipovetsky, Jean Serroy and Andrés Hispano.

What the visitor will find at the CCCB is a 150-metre long strip of screen from which the discourse proposed by the curators can be followed. Facing this long screen will be the counterpoint, the audiovisual response from users to the theses of Lipovetsky and Serroy.  Inspired by the homonymous book by Lipovetsky i Serroy, the exhibition analyses all the screens that influence us in the 21st century: cinema, television, computers, smartphones, digital tablets, surveillance screens, etc. All the screens that have come into our lives to stay and which have a power that knows no precedents, as they affect all sectors: private, social, cultural, artistic, scientific and political.

Global Screen can be visited until 28 May and, during the entire exhibition period, audiovisual creators can continue sending in their videos, which will be incorporated into the exhibition space. How to take part?

The virtual exhibition – In parallel to the opening of the physical exhibition, a virtual environment for Global Screen has been created. The virtual version of Global Screen does not aim to be a transposing of the physical exhibition but rather it suggests a mutating audiovisual ecosystem, a media landscape in profound transformation, a new territory where cinema and television are no longer the hegemonic media. The director of the virtual platform, Juan Insua, explains in this article on the Global Screen blog how the digital version of Global Screen has been prepared.

Follow the countdown to #PANTALLAGLOBAL – On 24 January at 12 noon a press conference will be held to present Global Screen which you can watch live via@cececebe @pantallaglobal and the hashtag #PANTALLAGLOBAL.

Until 25 January when Global Screen will open to the public, we will be revealing audiovisual capsules with contants that you will find on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss the countdown to #PANTALLAGLOBAL. Screens have arrived and they are here to stay.


GLOBAL SCREEN: Create, publish and exhibit your vision

October 14th, 2011 No Comments

“Even though the screen has over a century of history, during the 20th century it has constantly grown in terms of importance, prestige and power, moving from cinema to television and now from television to the web” Gilles Lipovetsky, co-curator of the Global Screen exhibition.

At work, on the underground, at home, at the doctor’s surgery, at the airport, at the shopping centre, in the street… We live surrounded by screens, images and cameras that record our activity. The audiovisual language has become one of our main forms of communication. The CCCB’s “Global Screen” exhibition is a reflection on how we see and how we understand the world through screens. The exhibition’s curators, Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy, understand that to create this exhibition it is essential to include the vision of screen users: anyone who is interested can participate by sending a video of their own creation which reflects upon the power of the screen.

How to participate

Global Screen is an exhibition that has existed on the Internet since 1 October 2011 through the virtual platform, from where participation in the project is coordinated and the exhibition’s work in progress is explained.

If you are interested in forming part of the Global Screen project:

1. CREATE A VIDEO of less than 2 minutes’ duration that reflects on one of the seven screens/themes proposed by the curators:

  • HISTORY SCREEN: Is there any present possible without casting a glance at the past?
  • POLITICS SCREEN: Have you ever wondered about the relations that exist between media screens and the exercising of politics?
  • SPORTS SCREEN: What vision of sport are we creating through the numerous screens?
  • ADVERTISING SCREEN: Are you a fan of advertising, brands, fashion, and trends? Or does it all irritate and repel you?
  • EXCESS SCREEN: Are you into speed, excess, a life free of limits and want to express it?
  • SURVEILLANCE SCREEN: Are you scared of Big Brother, or to the contrary, do you like to spy, observe and keep watch?
  • GAME SCREEN: What kind of pleasure do you find in old and new screens?

2. PUBLISH THE VIDEO on the virtual platform of Global Screen.

3. EXHIBIT AT THE CCCB – All those videos published on the Global Screen virtual platform will be exhibited at the physical “Global Screen” exhibition in January 2012 at the CCCB.

If you are interested in collaborating directly with the project, you can personally contact the Global Screen team.

Presentation and premiere of the “Global Screen” virtual platform

September 29th, 2011 3 Comments

Friday 30 September at 12 noon sees the presentation of “Global Screen”, a co-creation project comprising an exhibition that will take place at the CCCB from 24 January to 27 May 2012, and a virtual platform that will run before, during and after the physical event.

Taking part in the presentation of “Global Screen” will be Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy, the exhibition curators; Juan Insua, head of projects at CCCBLab; Jordi Balló, Head of Exhibitions at the CCCB and Josep Ramoneda, Director of the CCCB.

You can follow the presentation live by:

The virtual platform come into operation on 30 September to organize user participation in the project and explain the process of creating the exhibition. You can also keep up to date and share your impressions on Twitter @pantallaglobal and Facebook

Global Screen is an open, evolving, shared project divided into three phases: INCUBATION, EXHIBITION and POST-EXHIBITION. In this video we explain the phases and objectives of Global Screen.