Screens have arrived and they are here to stay

January 19th, 2012 1 Comment

On 24 January we will be inaugurating the physical exhibition phase of Global Screen. Up to now, the exhibition has only existed on the Internet, at, where hundreds of creators motivated by the impact of screens on the world have been sending us their work. On the inauguration day, over 160 videos contributed by users will be integrated into the exhibition space, as a counterpoint to the version/vision of the curators, Gilles Lipovetsky, Jean Serroy and Andrés Hispano.

What the visitor will find at the CCCB is a 150-metre long strip of screen from which the discourse proposed by the curators can be followed. Facing this long screen will be the counterpoint, the audiovisual response from users to the theses of Lipovetsky and Serroy.  Inspired by the homonymous book by Lipovetsky i Serroy, the exhibition analyses all the screens that influence us in the 21st century: cinema, television, computers, smartphones, digital tablets, surveillance screens, etc. All the screens that have come into our lives to stay and which have a power that knows no precedents, as they affect all sectors: private, social, cultural, artistic, scientific and political.

Global Screen can be visited until 28 May and, during the entire exhibition period, audiovisual creators can continue sending in their videos, which will be incorporated into the exhibition space. How to take part?

The virtual exhibition – In parallel to the opening of the physical exhibition, a virtual environment for Global Screen has been created. The virtual version of Global Screen does not aim to be a transposing of the physical exhibition but rather it suggests a mutating audiovisual ecosystem, a media landscape in profound transformation, a new territory where cinema and television are no longer the hegemonic media. The director of the virtual platform, Juan Insua, explains in this article on the Global Screen blog how the digital version of Global Screen has been prepared.

Follow the countdown to #PANTALLAGLOBAL – On 24 January at 12 noon a press conference will be held to present Global Screen which you can watch live via@cececebe @pantallaglobal and the hashtag #PANTALLAGLOBAL.

Until 25 January when Global Screen will open to the public, we will be revealing audiovisual capsules with contants that you will find on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss the countdown to #PANTALLAGLOBAL. Screens have arrived and they are here to stay.


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