Presentation and premiere of the “Global Screen” virtual platform

September 29th, 2011 3 Comments

Friday 30 September at 12 noon sees the presentation of “Global Screen”, a co-creation project comprising an exhibition that will take place at the CCCB from 24 January to 27 May 2012, and a virtual platform that will run before, during and after the physical event.

Taking part in the presentation of “Global Screen” will be Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy, the exhibition curators; Juan Insua, head of projects at CCCBLab; Jordi Balló, Head of Exhibitions at the CCCB and Josep Ramoneda, Director of the CCCB.

You can follow the presentation live by:

The virtual platform come into operation on 30 September to organize user participation in the project and explain the process of creating the exhibition. You can also keep up to date and share your impressions on Twitter @pantallaglobal and Facebook

Global Screen is an open, evolving, shared project divided into three phases: INCUBATION, EXHIBITION and POST-EXHIBITION. In this video we explain the phases and objectives of Global Screen.

Winners of “Brangulí was here. What about you?”

September 22nd, 2011 7 Comments

Els guanyadors de la convocatòria “Brangulí va ser aquí. I tu?” són:


Gianluca Napoli

Vida al carrer/Vida en la calle/Street life


microbio*_Aitor Estévez Olaizola

Reformes urbanístiques/Reformas urbanísticas/Urban remodelling

Vacaciones en la playa

Thaïs Batlle



David D. Velasco Abella



Àlex Escorihuela

Espais emblemàtics/Espacios emblemáticos/Emblematic premises


Martin Gallego

Espais de treball/Espacios de trabajo/Work places

El Fòrum des de l’aire
Joan Guillamat Castells
Barcelona de nit/Barcelona de noche/Barcelona by night

Love is an unknown destination…

Marianna Di Ferdinando


Industrial Barcelona

Guillermo Atienza

Espais industrials/Espacios industriales/Industrial spaces

Acampada Barcelona – Plaça Catalunya 18-05-2011

Marcelo Aurelio

Esdeveniments polítics i socials/ Acontecimientos políticos y sociales / Political and social events

(Català) Finalistes del projecte “Brangulí va ser aquí. I tu?”

September 13th, 2011 4 Comments

From photoblog to exhibition

July 4th, 2011 1 Comment

With over 2000 photos and the participation of more than 200 photographers, the “Brangulí was here. What about you?” project already represents a broad-based selection of the way contemporary photographers see present-day Barcelona. The initiative came into being as a result of the retrospective exhibition organized by the CCCB about the photographer Josep Brangulí. He documented key historical, political and social changes at the start of the 20th century, such as Tragic Week, labourers’ working conditions and the urbanistic transformation of the city. The mosaic of photographs coming together at shows a Barcelona that, despite the intervening 80 years, reminds us of the Barcelona of Brangulí. The protests of the “indignats”, life in neighbourhoods such as El Raval and the city’s new monumental architecture are themes that Brangulí might have captured with his camera.

On Thursday 30 June, the CCCB and the Barcelona Photobloggers community which is collaborating on the project organized a free guided visit to the exhibition “Brangulí. Barcelona 1909-1945” to explain the work of the photographer from L’Hospitalet. The group of 50 who attended included members of Barcelona Photobloggers, people from the Espai Fotogràfic collective and many amateur photographers who post and share their images on the social networks.

The exhibition coordinator, Susana García, introduced the figure of Brangulí and his way of working: big thematic series. As Susana García explained, Brangulí took photographs by commission, with no artistic aspirations, but his particular way of seeing the events of the time makes his body of work special and unique.

If you were unable to attend and would like to hear Susana García’s presentation, you can listen to it here: ÀUDIO: Introducció a \”Brangulí. Barcelona 1909-1945\” per Susana García (Àudio: Barcelona Photobloggers)

The visit on 30 June at the CCCB was a great initiative because it allowed lots of the people who are making possible on the Net to discover the work on show at the CCCB. From photoblog to exhibition or from virtual to presential, this could be a new way of connecting with publics and making them part of an expository project.

Images of the guided visit with Barcelona Photobloggers. Photos: Fon Simó and Marcelo Aurelio

Others who’ve talked about the guided visit:

Story of a day: #diaMagris

May 4th, 2011 No Comments

For many, 3 May 2011 was the day that Barça and Real Madrid met in the semi-finals of the Champions League, or the day they found out more details about the death of Osama Bin Laden. It will be remembered by Claudio Magris as the day that Barcelona University conferred an honorary degree on him, and by us as a day of tribute to the Trieste-born writer on Twitter. Yesterday we celebrated #diaMagris, an event dedicated to publicizing documentation, quotations and recommendations related to the work of the author of Danube.

Twitter users who took part in #diaMagris. Source: The Archivist (click to enlarge)

Storify del #diaMagris

Thanks to the involvement of many users—110 people altogether—over 400 tweets related to Claudio Magris were published. Barcelona University @ub_endirecte streamed the investiture ceremony of Claudio Magris and the accounts of @cececebe and @CCCBebeducacio published documents, videos and photographs of Magris and the CCCB’s exhibition, “The Trieste of Magris”. The Wikipedist @kippelboy updated Wikipedia’s entry on Claudio Magris specially for #diaMagris, @bibliotequesbcn provided information about the writer’s books that can be found in Barcelona’s public libraries, and many other Internet users shared quotations from Magris or recommended their favourite books. We posted a summary on Storify in the form of a collection of documentation, videos, photographs, quotes and recommendations that were shared during #diaMagris. On the CCCB’s Delicious, you can consult the tweeted links.

The result of the initiative showed us that, thanks to the collaboration of networks, it is possible to compile lots of interesting and useful information about an author. It is an experience that we recommend and one that can be applied to other cultural or educational activities. Thank you to everyone who contributed to #diaMagris!